We are most interested in stories.

Every person, every organization has a story. Every story has a scene, the majority of which take place inside a physical space. It’s why when we meet, we listen for the heartbeat of your story first.


/delv/ v. to inquire into or investigate, research; to dig or unearth.

We wake up everyday with a simple but lofty vision:  to create a world with more compelling stories.

When deciding just how exactly we’d get there as designers, we were certain of one thing; we’d need to immerse ourselves into the human experience. We’d have to be intentional about inquiring, observing, and unearthing long before we’d ever prescribe a solution or path forward. It’s only then that we could truly elevate a person’s, an organization’s or an entire community’s story. In short, we would need to delve.

We dropped the ‘e’ because phonetically, it doesn’t change anything. And just like the ‘e,’ we don’t want to hold true to things that are superfluous. That, and when we googled “delve.com,” it was already taken ;).

Behind our name
  • Amanda Welu
    Amanda Welu
    Partner / Co-founder
  • Cara Weber
    Cara Weber
    Partner / Co-founder
  • Jeremy Welu
    Jeremy Welu
    Partner / Co-founder
  • Chris Lake
    Chris Lake
    Partner / Co-founder
  • Jamison Sills
    Jamison Sills
    Partner / Architecture
  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson
    Principal / Architecture
  • Kelley Miller
    Kelley Miller
    Architecture / Interiors
  • Sam Vonderau
    Sam Vonderau
  • Marisa Gegg
    Marisa Gegg
  • Joel Young
    Joel Young
  • Chris Crosley
    Chris Crosley
  • Taylor Newblom
    Taylor Newblom
    Marketing / Graphic Design
  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson
  • Madeline Johnson
    Madeline Johnson
  • Barbara Moes
    Barbara Moes
    Studio Coordinator
  • Austin Zehr
    Austin Zehr
  • 6
    lbs of coffee per month consumed in studio
  • 1
    Amount of times someone has wiped out on a BIRD scooter
  • 109
    pads of sticky notes stocked
  • 8
    different recipes entered into DELV's chilli cook-off

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