[Re]purposed, a Pop-Up Installation

Much Ado About [Every]thing



Last year’s cardboard castle was a valiant effort, but ultimately ruined by a rain shower. So this year, we wanted a structure that could withstand some weather. But again finding ourselves with limited resources, we had to get creative. Generously, our friends at Stenz offered up some materials from a recent demo. Tack on a budget of 100 bucks for hardware and a couple of dumpster dives? We could work with that.

So, it was off to the races. Our weekly Design Review meetings turned into dedicated art installation brainstorms. We converged, we diverged, we repeated. Countless iterations were discussed and sketched, and pointed questions were asked along the way. How can we create minimal waste? What can we use that’s free? And most importantly: what happens if it rains again? 



Ultimately, we came up with a structure framed with 2×4’s that was supported by vertical posts and conduit. Our neighbors at North Mass Boulder were hosting their second annual “North Massive” climbing competition, which was the perfect crowd draw at our previous install. As a nod to the event and to provide visual interest, we decided to wrap the frame in donated fabric that had been trimmed to mimic their logo.

There were at least 10 different ways to build this with the materials we had, and we all had ideas on how to tackle it. Being able to take difficult constraints and making something successful of it–that was a rewarding learning experience.

Austin Zehr, Architect

From Inspiration to Installation

A few dedicated DELVers spent their off-hours building, starting in the empty shell space adjacent to our studio and eventually moving the various pieces outside to be constructed.



Once it was built, we figured we should name our scrappy structure. Since nearly all of the materials used to create it had been purposefully recycled, donated, or borrowed from the North Mass District, we dubbed our pop-up installation: [Re]purposed.


Many thanks again to all of our partners: North Mass Boulder, Heath Outdoor, Digs Garden Center, Stenz Construction, and Shiel Sexton.


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