Park(ing) Outside the Box

People, Planet, and Community Thriving

Once we set out to participate in Park(ing) Day, it was all-hands-on-deck. Our goals were simple: to bring awareness to the city’s park shortage, spend little to no money, and to have fun doing it! We got to work calling local companies who were happy to donate to the cause, and the sketching began. Since our neighbors at North Mass Boulder were hosting their first “North Massive” climbing competition on the following weekend, we decided to take advantage of the extra foot traffic and plan our install for the same time. Generously, we were gifted three primo parking spaces by Stenz and North Mass to craft our project.

Considering we’d recently moved, boxes were something we had on-hand that could be used as a structural portion of the build. Aside from that, all other items were donated from our amazing partners and neighbors. Plants from Heath Outdoor, turf from SYNLawn, fabric from People for Urban Progress, palettes from RJE Interiors, and a picnic table from North Mass Boulder made this space come to life. The installation was to be up for two days, so after gathering all materials over a period of a few weeks, we were ready to construct.



It was incredible to see our team, our collaborators, and our community come together in a matter of a few weeks to create something that not only made people’s day a little bit brighter, but hopefully inspired more positive change come to our city and neighborhoods. A perfect example of how something small and even temporary can inspire people, communities, and our planet to thrive.

Sean Morrissey, Architect

Following a few hours of wrapping, stacking, painting, taping, and a plethora of stapling, our ‘Park Outside Box’ (Box Factory, that is) was almost complete!


Parking facts were then printed out and placed throughout the interior of boxes along with some wood blocks and sharpies, encouraging passersby to write or draw their thoughts based on their new knowledge or general feelings about their community.



Saturday afternoon presented a pop-up rain shower on our pop-up park. Turns out, rain and cardboard don’t mix too well, but it didn’t spoil the heart of the project. All told, it was a fun challenge and we hope to participate again next year.


Many thanks again to all of our partners: North Mass Boulder, Heath Outdoor, SYNLawn, People for Urban Progress, RJE Interiors, Third Street Ventures, Stenz Construction


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