We’re Moving


We’re Moving

Unpacking the Decision

When we founded DELV nearly eight years ago with four partners and a simple vision for more compelling stories in the world—of people, communities, and the planet thriving—we were both optimistic and determined. Candidly, we never realized how quickly we’d build a team of others who’d want to join us in the mission. 



Now with 20 more talented individuals added, even two in-studio expansions weren’t enough. To continue to do our best work at our new size, we needed a new tool; a space that would allow for the right mix of focus, collaboration, inspiration, and a DELV must: fun! 


Taking Our Boxes to Box Factory

In 2014 when we set out to pick our first studio location, beyond the lease rates and square footage stats, we were looking for the story of the space. The Stutz building, a historic icon in Indianapolis, hit the mark.  

What attracted us to that original space—creative energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and legacy—were the same qualities that led us to our next location. Box Factory is full of history and potential. It’s in an area betting-on and adapting-for its next chapter of vibrancy in the community. 


Image courtesy of BoxFactoryIndy.com


Being that the building was constructed in 1920 during Indianapolis’ industrial rise, it was fitting that innovative and industry-leading U.S. Corrugated Fiber Box Co. was its first tenant. With a history steeped in both industrial and entrepreneurial endeavors, the affectionately dubbed ‘Box Factory’ is now part of an up-and-coming neighborhood on the north end of Mass Avenue including the likes of Bottleworks, Centerpoint Brewing, Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie and North Mass Boulder (all of which we’re excited to frequent).  

North Mass Boulder

North Mass Boulder

In the coming months we’ll be dishing more about the design of our new studio; but for now, here are just a few things we’re looking forward to:

  • Having more choices on group collab and focus spaces; each with different postures and all hybrid enabled
  • Working in a space designed with no red-list materials and tons of daylight 
  • Workshopping and co-creating with clients in our optimized HATCH space 
  • Having a flex-reception area that is more invitational than formal 
  • Fueling up with fancy coffee and keeping it fresh with rotating seltzer on-tap


The people behind the process.