Clean Energy On the Rise for Hoosiers

Indiana Making Progress

Indiana is making significant strides in the realm of sustainability and clean energy. In 2022, the state’s clean energy sector rebounded from the pandemic’s impacts by adding new jobs, showcasing both its resilience and potential for growth. Sustainability plays a pivotal role in Indiana’s economic landscape, with the clean energy sector now accounting for a substantial 31% of all energy jobs in the state.

As we celebrate Clean Energy Week 2023 in Indiana, DELV isn’t just watching from the sidelines. Being designers and architects, we understand the pivotal role that cleaner energy and sustainable practices play in creating a better world for all.

Our buildings have energy appetites that we are working rapidly to improve as an industry; however, this is only half of the equation. The reduced energy that they consume needs to be clean energy.

Cara Weber, Partner / Co-Founder

We Care, and We’re Taking Action

To put our commitment into action, we’ve developed a Sustainability Action Plan that outlines our path to achieving carbon-neutral buildings and a sustainable future by 2030 as a signatory firm of the AIA’s 2030 commitment. We’ve established five focus categories to structure our standards, goals, and ambitions, aligning with existing sustainability frameworks.

Internal standards (like in-house energy modeling) ensure that energy efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of our designs. Our action plan includes specific and achievable design strategies and performance criteria that we aim to apply to projects with the goal of learning from the process.

We’re not stopping at standards and goals. In the spirit of optimism on what design can achieve, we identify what we call our ‘ambitions’ – those goals that may be stretching for our designs, our clients, the industry, and the market. Finding and creatively designing net zero energy and net carbon neutral projects sit squarely within our list of ambitions we keep forefront. Each of our projects is staffed with a dedicated sustainability advocate who empowers the team and clients with knowledge and resources to make high-impact decisions at the right time in the project.

A more resilient future is in our hands, and we–as architects and designers of the built environment–are dedicated to advocate for solutions. Clean energy is a critical piece of the entire puzzle of a sustainable future for our planet.

Everything we do in our profession impacts the built environment–from the building site to the overall life cycle of the materials and products we chose. For me, sustainability is about making the ethical and necessary changes for our designs that will impact our environment long after I am done being an architect.

Reva Derhammer, Architect + AIA COTE Co-Director
Clean Energy On the Rise for Hoosiers

We're working towards a more resilient future.

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National Clean Energy Week (September 25-29) is a celebration of the policies, industries, and innovations that power our daily lives while producing no or very little greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the very real technological and political challenges, a clean energy future is in our reach, and America is ready to lead the way. Whether attending the Flagship Policymakers Symposium or hosting your own celebration, please join us in recognition of all that clean energy can bring: energy independence, economic prosperity, and a more peaceful world.