A New Culinary Destination Near Purdue University


A New Culinary Destination Near Purdue University

A new, farm-to-table restaurant will be housed in a historic barn slated to be revitalized as a future community hub.

This activation project with Purdue Research Foundation‘s Discovery Park District in West Lafayette focuses on creating a central hub for the newly created district that is socially, ecologically, economically, and functionally minded in approach.  The center piece of the project — including restaurant, retail and event space — will be constructed using a century-old barn donated by Sonny Beck, CEO of Beck’s Superior Hybrids, and the Beck family. Construction will keep the character and feel of the historic barn while providing the modern structure and amenities needed for a high-capacity hospitality space.

The development is part of a larger effort to fully realize the district’s master plan and will anchor an upgrade of surrounding Squirrel Park. With high sustainability aspirations and expansive green space surroundings, the project aims to set a new precedent for what hospitality spaces can offer alongside a university setting.

Read more about the project at Purdue.edu.

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