When 3 adjacent communities began growing, they knew they needed to re-evaluate how to best serve and protect the new residents they were attracting. Step one was to expand and establish a new fire territory that would bridge the communities. Step two, design and develop a new station that would enable first responders to get to people in need fast.

Vernon Fire Station 432
The Story

Timing is everything—and for first responders, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

With an active railroad line separating thousands of homes from the nearest existing fire station, this created a significant challenge for the burgeoning towns of Fortville, McCordsville, and the rural areas of Vernon Township. They responded by forming a new fire territory that would benefit all and reached out to DELV to help design a brand-new station to protect citizens north of the railroad line. The new, modern station houses 10 bunk rooms, two pull-through apparatus bays and living quarters, all designed with durability and efficiency at the forefront.

New Construction
Fortville, IN
Vernon Fire Station 432

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