Trane Technologies


In 2020, industry heavyweight Trane Technologies found themselves at a critical crossroads—the lease for their Indianapolis regional commercial office was coming to an end and a global pandemic was rapidly shifting the way they worked.

Trane Technologies
The Story

When Trane reached out to DELV, their goals reached beyond a refreshed look in a new space; they needed help reimagining how they might operate in the future. 

Together, we leveraged the insights of the disruption to create a new, agile work environment for their 100+ employees. This new strategy and office layout gives individuals more choice as to how they want to work—whether their task requires collaboration or focus, drop-in or an all-day space. In contrast to Trane’s former office, a fresh, modern, industrial palette coupled with an abundance of daylight brings new energy to their team and more appropriately reflects the brand’s innovative DNA. Needing less dedicated space for each associate also translated into substantial, ongoing cost savings for years to come.

Trane Technologies
9,700 SF
Interior Buildout
Fishers, IN


Trane’s space had more width than depth. Because of this, choreographing the flow of traffic required some creativity. Wanting to make the shift to a more agile workspace—a huge culture shift for Trane—DELV was challenged to create a floor plan that satisfied the number of open desks and private offices needed, while also allowing many more lounge and common areas for work flexibility. Placing the private offices and focus rooms central within the working area provided opportunity for mirrored stations on either side: one side keeping dedicated desks for associates who frequent the office; the other housing 18 open desks for those who prefer a more hybrid lifestyle. Throughout the space, the implied travel path is easy and intuitive; funneling visitors from a more formal to more casual experience as they go.





Throughout the floorplan, comfortable vignettes backdropped with geometric wood paneling and plant life can be found for quick conversation or a change of scenery during the workday. And while the rest of the space boasts feature walls with punches of deep orange, the kitchen offers respite with its clean, neutral palette—opting instead to make a statement with a blend of textures from casework, backsplash, and fabric pendant lighting. Island stools, high-top seating, and a more traditional table setting give multiple options for associates during the lunch hour (or an afternoon snack).

Venturing further from the kitchen, a one-of-a-kind, custom mural framed by a symmetrical seating area provides a quieter space for meeting when the pocket doors are fully closed.  


The new office offers an abundance of meeting areas—both casual and formal, roomy and intimate. Near the entrance, a full glass wall gives way to the spacious training room where talks and workshops can take place, while another area (dubbed the “Innovation Room”) has future plans to operate as a showcase space where Trane’s products can be installed for demos, all the while visible to other tenants and patrons of Hub & Spoke.

  • 9,700
    Square feet
  • 7
    Meeting areas
  • 28
    Open desks
  • 8
    Private offices

Working with DELV was a true partnership. We began with my blurry vision of a new space and DELV’s creative guidance allowed us to exchange ideas until we achieved our goal. The final product exceeds my expectations.

Roger Penn
Roger Penn
Area General Manager

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