The Club at Crosspoint


The Club–a high-end coworking space for individuals and teams in the hybrid workforce–intentionally offers users more agency over their environment. With choices ranging from private office suites to hot-desks to tucked-away nooks, individuals have a robust selection of privacy and work styles to cater to their specific needs.

The Club at Crosspoint
The Story

Gritty coworking spaces geared towards launching entrepreneurs or solopreneurs have existed for years in the marketplace; yet following the pandemic, Indianapolis-grown software company Knowledge Services observed a new need and a new opportunity. Desiring to revitalize a 4-story, years-dormant grocer headquarters, Knowledge Services moved their own offices into the building. With 35,000 additional square feet at their disposal on the second floor, they tasked our team to imagine a coworking space for individuals and teams who now make up the immensely expanded hybrid workforce. 

Through market research, we identified potential user personas, studied the existing landscape of coworking spaces in the nearby area, and began to define the characteristics—both physical and contextual—that would set their venue apart from its counterparts. The space, now named “The Club,” is a curated and exclusive third place in Fishers that is both a high-end work venue and a social club. 

Knowledge Services
35,000 SF
Interior Buildout + Brand Development
Fishers, IN

New users, New solutions

When determining the venue’s programmatic components, the design sought to create a mix of three key workstyles: 

  • Hot Desk

    Hot Desk

    for the individual who needs a home base that’s not home; one that can flex and adapt to their shifting needs from focus to social

  • Private Suite

    Private Suite

    for the individual who’s seeking to redefine the work/home boundary that became blurry in the pandemic; one that’s professional and offers a high level of control

  • Team Suite

    Team Suite

    for the company that needs to create a new ‘micro-office’ atmosphere for one or more of their teams; one that’s secure and well-resourced, connecting them to a community in lieu of a stand-alone company culture

A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

When stepping off the elevators, members are immediately greeted by a simple, quartz-encased reception desk beneath the soft glow of their brand signage; creating an understated, yet sophisticated welcome. 

Calm + Serene

Calm + Serene

The expansive views throughout democratize access to natural daylight and nature by electing glazing over traditional drywall for enclosing interior spaces. A soft color palette paired with vignettes of plush furnishings, infused white noise, and aromatics create a perfect sensory mix for doing your best work.  


People and their work needs aren’t stagnant; they ebb and flow in and out of tasks. Some are more collaborative, some are more focused, and others are purely social.

Agency in Choice

Agency in Choice

The Club’s design intentionally offers individuals more agency over their environment. Eighty-eight private office suites of varying sizes are currently spread throughout the floor; each equipped with a whiteboard, ergonomic Knoll chairs, and sit-stand desks for choice in posture. Additionally, hot-desking ‘neighborhoods,’ private phone rooms, a podcast room, fitness desks, and multiple hybrid-enabled meeting spaces are intermixed throughout the floor giving individuals a robust selection of work styles to cater to their specific needs. All levels of privacy were considered in the design.  

Serving up Social

Serving up Social

Near the back of The Club sits a large social hub, dubbed “The Lounge.” Simple flooring choices paired with a familiar wood-slatted ceiling and pendant lighting let the vertical gloss-to-matte tile make a statement. Members can grab complimentary beverages and snacks throughout the day, including a rotating selection of wine, beer, and seltzer on tap. Wrapped in the same waterfall quartz as the reception desk, the central island provides ample space to host club-wide events or afternoon happy hours, creating a catalyst for networking and building community. The concierge perks and amenities for members go beyond food and libations with on-site IT and dry-cleaning services, a state-of-the-art fitness area, a rec room, and 300-person auditorium for large event hosting. 

  • 88
    private suites
  • 115
    hot desks
  • 35,000
    square feet
  • 2
    beers on tap

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The Club at Crosspoint


Anticipating that needs evolve and change with business growth, a component-based wall system was intentionally used to accommodate rapid configuration. Not only do members have flexibility in scaling their team without the hassle of locating a new space, Knowledge Services (currently on the upper floors) now also has flex space as they continue to scale in size.

The Club at Crosspoint

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