Lessonly, a scaling tech software company needed a new place to house their rapidly expanding team. “Do better work” is their mission; it only made sense that their own new space needed to help them do exactly that.

Lessonly HQ
The Story

When Lessonly found a historic school building in an Indianapolis neighborhood prime for revitalization and adjacent to the popular Monon Trail, they reached out to DELV to help convert it into their next headquarter’s location.

With a quickly expanding team, they needed a space where each square foot was maximized to its full potential. The design made sure each area could flex and serve multiple uses. As a company whose success hinges off internal collaboration, the layout of the space gives opportunities everywhere for people to connect, varying in shape, size, and privacy.

Knowing that productivity is highly influenced by overall health and wellness, the design also helps achieve the coveted balance of work and respite. Floods of natural light, indoor plant life and views to nature are carefully cadenced throughout each floor; while access to the adjacent trail, bike storage, a yoga room, showers, a nap room, and a mother’s room work in conjunction.


Lessonly (by Seismic)
22,000 SF
Interior Renovation
Indianapolis, IN
Lessonly Brand Team
Mapping the user experience

Mapping the user experience

Before exploring any design, we start by understanding the users. We work-shopped with the Lessonly team to map out the day-to-day functionality of all their people to discover what new connections needed to be made (and existing to be preserved) in order for them to accomplish their best work.

Lessonly HQ
Privacy & Focus

Privacy & Focus

The design leverages the efficiency of an open office layout while providing ample choice for employees to accomplish focus task work or have acoustical privacy when on phone or training calls.

Pair Pods

Pair Pods

Multiple “pair pods” – termed by their two-person screen-facing meeting style, allow Lessonly’s frequent small meetings to not book up their other conference spaces needed for larger group sizes. In step with their playful brand vibe, each pod was named after a classic pair like “Mac-n-Cheese” and “Thelma & Louise”.

Work Cafe

Work Cafe

The centralized café & work-lounge was designed as the nexus–encouraging casual and impromptu day-to-day collisions across departmental teams. Furniture, lighting, and floor level variety allow this space to adapt quickly from a lunch spot with co-workers, to pop-in meeting with full tech connectivity, to a weekly all-employee meeting space.

Lessonly HQ
Aligning the Physical and Digital
Brand Storytelling

Aligning the Physical and Digital

Just like their brand’s digital expression, the new space pulls in their iconic bold yellow color palette, in small yet impactful doses. Raw, unfussy materials like sealed concrete floors, exposed ceilings, and finished plywood exude Lessonly’s casual and relaxed vibe. Integrated and understated digital displays at the entry give visitors a connection to the story and mission of Lessonly without feeling pretentious. Custom graphics with classic pair names like “Mac-n-Cheese” and “Thelma & Louise” were applied to all the pair pods along with other creative riffs such as “Calma Llama” for the nap room to remind people that the office doesn’t have to be stiff to get things done.

Employee Engagement

Building on a culture of engagement, the space creates fun, interactive moments that give ownership and personalization back to their employees.

  • Scrabble Messaging

    Scrabble Messaging

    As designers of a board game for their own client interactions, this custom scrabble-inspired signage inspires fun and flexibility.

  • Polaroid Wall

    Polaroid Wall

    What do you do when you want your people to get creative and connect to one another? Create a fun polaroid station next to the most highly trafficked area, the cafe.

  • Llama Awards

    Llama Awards

    A symbol for humility, hard work, and people smarts, Lessonly’s official mascot “Ollie Llama” is embedded everywhere in their marketing and communication; it was only natural to extend this into their physical environment as well. His bold and varied presence in signage, custom art, trophy walls and on library shelves, reflects the playful and quirky nature of Lessonly’s brand and quietly reinforces the values their team holds near.

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