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The most historic building on University of Indianapolis’s campus had overtime, lost its original ethos. The new, renovated Good Hall is both modern and energetic and in perfect harmony with its historical roots.

The Story

Good Hall, the most historic building on the campus of University of Indianapolis, housed several key administrative and departmental offices for the University’s Shaheen College of Arts and Sciences. While full of rich history, its dark, dull, and narrow corridors created a lack luster experience for today’s students and faculty. Even more troubling, it was making it difficult to convey the vibrancy of the learning and discovery that was happening inside the walls to prospective students and families that would tour through. 

DELV knew that the space not only needed cosmetic modernization, such as lighting and finishes, but also an infusion of energy and collaboration. The design needed to accomplish this all without adding additional square footage. After understanding the various stakeholders’ programmatic needs and analyzing the existing floor plan, the design team carved out a centralized hub for students and visitors to gather. This new spatial organization allowed for casual connections beyond the classroom and a more inviting experience for prospective students. The new design replaced the expansive drywall surrounding the deans’ offices with glass store-front, keeping them visually connected to the hub and creating an open feel in a narrow space. 

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We believed that to be successful, the new design must pay homage to the original architecture while also bringing in new texture and dimension.

  • History on display

    History on display

    A prominent and revolving art screen, reminds students and families to the rich history that’s occurred in the very place they stand. Images and stories of notable alumni scroll to inspire students towards their own success story that’s being written in this hall.

  • Mixing materials

    Mixing materials

    Combining rich traditional materials like walnut and with modern textures, forms, and fixtures gives the space a modern feel.

  • Architectural detailing

    Architectural detailing

    The design team preserved and drew attention to the existing arch detailing and implemented rich, collegiate wood finishing. The new suspended wood barrel vaulted ceilings mimicked the original curved dimensions and the custom and dynamic drum lighting dynamically transform the dated space.

Refreshed Classrooms

Refreshed Classrooms

Classrooms were also given new energy and connection to the UIndy brand from the floor up through red and gray geometric carpet tiles and new collaborative (and mobile) furnishings. 

Bright and Flexible

Bright and Flexible

Taking advantage of the abundance of natural light, the design kept the paint palette simple and bright. The space utilized mobile furniture, giving users options for a variety of learning styles and able to flex easily from lecture to group collaboration.

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