Fishers Test Kitchen


Known for their entrepreneurial grit, one of the top suburban cities in the country wanted to kick-start a culinary scene from within their community. Taking a play from their successes in the business and tech industries, they set out to establish a restaurant accelerator; a concept to discover and nurture the next great chefs.

Fishers Test Kitchen
The Story

Ranked #1 Place to Live in the U.S. by Money Magazine, the City of Fishers has experienced explosive growth in their population. One of the top requests of residents was a desire for a broader array of unique dining experiences. Modeling after their successful launching pad of entrepreneurs in the tech industry, they set out to create a similar platform to help culinary up-and-comers build and launch new restaurant concepts. Engaging DELV to help design a new space for chefs to experiment with their menus, we set out to not only design each chef a functional micro-kitchen, but ultimately help choreograph how the public interfaces with their emerging brands.

Co-locating at The Yard in Fishers District with a wildly successful brewery, Fishers Test Kitchen takes advantage of the established customer base that will patron Sun King Brewery and offers them food options to pair with their craft beverages. In addition to a walk-up food service, the Test Kitchen has a ‘Signature Table’ curated for special classes, exhibition cooking events, and other intimate culinary experiences for small groups.

City of Fishers + Launch Fishers
Restaurant / Hospitality
Interior Build-Out
Fishers, IN

The Test Kitchen is comprised of three streamlined micro kitchens that are highly adaptable as new chefs rotate through to share their food with the public. Simple, unfussy materials like stainless steel and tile allow the chefs’ digital menus and exhibition-style cooking to take front stage.

Next to the kitchens is Signature Table, a venue designed for private events and classes where patrons can get up close and personal with the resident chefs. Wrapped geometric floor tiles, velvet drapes, and copper pendant lights give this space a more distinct and intimate vibe.

Along with shared seating indoors, upper and lower patio seating allows patrons to enjoy a nice evening outside to connect and gather in community.

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