Incited by the desire to provide patients with a more convenient path to care, DELV designed a new single 29,000 SF medical office facility enabling them to simplify and amplify their delivery of care.

The Story

When Dawes Fretzin Dermatology Group engaged DELV to help explore their  physical space needs, their intersecting passions were immediately evident; health , medical research, and the dignity of their patients. As a group of highly skilled, highly sought-after doctors, their services were in great demand.  Yet, they were caring for patients in dispersed facilities across the metropolitan area, offering different services in different locations. Doctors were splitting their time between facilities, causing a complicated scheduling web and fragmented patient experience.

DELV designed a new 29,000 SF medical office facility allowing them the ability to expand their service line all under one roof. This new centralization strategy added an enormous convenience factor;  patients now have a single, trusted source for their skincare, whether it be medical or cosmetic in nature.

The design team worked diligently to understand and map the flow of both the internal care team and the patients; the result–a well-choregraphed service experience.


Dawes Fretzin Dermatology Group
29,000 SF
New Construction
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Concierge Welcome

Concierge Welcome

Because the type of patients and services were so diverse–from cancer surgery to a simple facial, the design utilized a central concierge touch-point as soon as you enter the building. The concierge, welcomes and guides any patients, further easing any tension or anxiety that can often be associated with medical care. Centralizing this point also deflects the continual interruption of the medical care staff with deliveries, industry representatives, or other operational coordination, allowing them to keep laser focused on patient care.


Operational Efficiency + Team Culture

Operational Efficiency + Team Culture

After 24 years, the DF has become known in the profession for their internal culture of camaraderie, growth, and development. In their new space, the designed aimed to protect and amplify that legacy by dedicating an expansive, yet multi-functional area reserved for the internal team. This super-sized space gives their large scale team a place for gathering, socializing, large scale training and convening, dining, or simply a place for a moment of respite from care-giving.  The leadership not only had priorities for their patients’ experience, but also their staff’s. With such a large quantity of people moving and working through-out the space, the design layout paid attention to circulation, offering ample space and an efficient flow. The new flow eliminated bottlenecking for the team and allows them to see more patients in a single day without sacrificing personal care.

Exterior Skin

Exterior Skin

When it came to the building’s exterior form, the design was inspired by the topic given the most attention on the interior; the skin.  Our skin, with its many layers is our most visible and outward facing element to the world – and the exterior plays with bold material forms and layers to mimic this dynamic and vital organ. Each building plane is representative of one of the three layers of skin.  The outer most layer, the epidermis, is represented by a slightly contrasting fiber cement panels to represent the variations and uniqueness our skin has.  On the interior, angled and intersecting lines are a repeated motif that flow through the building in both detail joints and finishes reference an abstraction of the web-like structure of skin cells

Dignity and Comfort

The design sought to meet each patient’s needs physical and psychological, despite their diversity. Dignity and comfort were prime design priorities.

  • MOHS Surgery Center

    MOHS Surgery Center

    A patient arriving for skin cancer removal surgery has easy access to the MOHS Micrographic Surgery Center, located on the first floor. With their own waiting area and side exit where their loved ones could pick up them up conveniently and privately without having to truck through the busy main lobby.

  • Aesthetics Services

    Aesthetics Services

    A patient that is scheduled for a relaxing facial treatment is immediately welcomed into a spa experience directly off the lobby, completely separated from the clinical experiences happening elsewhere in the facility. Aromas, artwork, and even furniture choices were designed to create an ambiance that helps the patient not feel like they are at a “doctor’s office.”

  • General Dermatology

    General Dermatology

    A busy parent bringing their child in to help diagnose the arrival of a sudden skin rash is able to head upstairs to the general dermatology area, where there’s comfortable seating, a play area, and a large fish aquarium to entertain and calm them while they wait. And afterwards, they can swing by the pharmacy on the 1st floor to conveniently pick up their script, eliminating the need for another stop.

Art Psychology

Research shows that there’s a strong connection between art and our emotional state. Knowing that clinical experiences can cause anxiety for patients, the design used art as a tool to bring a sense a calm and security into the environment.

DELV made us feel like we knew what were doing, even though we don’t know anything about architecture and design. They would listen to our input and would adjust the design. It was an excellent experience right from the beginning.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. The guidance and direction that was given throughout the whole process was one that you felt at ease with. From an efficiency standpoint, from a creativity standpoint, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Scott Fretzin, M.D., FAAD
Scott Fretzin, M.D., FAAD
Ken Dawes M.D., FAAD
Ken Dawes M.D., FAAD
Owner / Dawes Fretzin Dermatology Group
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