How Might We Build This?


How Might We Build This?

The public spotlight often shinebrightest on the artistic side of architecture design. And we agreethis should be celebrated. Yet, too often, the immense value of the technical and delivery side of design is understated; or worse, overlooked altogether. At DELV, we believe in a holistic approach; one that invites a variety of lenses to engage in the design process. In 2014, our very first addition to the team was an architect with such lenses.

Meet Joel Young.  

Joel’s been around the table solving design challenges in nearly every industry—from healthcare, research, and life science to hospitality, multi-family, and higher education. And despite the inherent diversity, he seeks to answer the same question: how might we build this? As his desire for more insight grew, he decided to immerse himself into a broader and deeper pool of resources, beginning with Construction Specification Institute (CSI). This was quickly followed by an invitation to take the reins of leadership as President for the Indianapolis Chapter. His propensity for learning and teaching, paired with a natural leadership style continued to open doors for him to transfer his passion to others.  

When the new work-from-home precedent was set in mid-March, Joel challenged himself to do two things; first, and perhaps most ironically: binge all seven seasons of AMC’s “Alone” series. Second: double down on sharing knowledge and accept a role as an instructor for colleagues and peers prepping for the Construction Document Technologist (CDT) Exam. Focused on best practices for project delivery, Joel’s courses covered topics from pricing considerations to the specific roles and responsibilities of each party during the construction process; his audience a mix of industry professionals encompassing contractors, product reps, architects, and owners—proving that no matter your title or career span, everyone has the ability to learn and level up.

Whether teaching about design or the correct order to view the Star Wars series (chronological, of course), we are certain that his teaching will continue to spur others onto great things. 




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